Arbitrage Betting

I have been working on this software as a hobby for some time. This started as a tool that I would use to make some extra money in my spare time.

The software trawls over 20 betting companies odds and compares them to find a guaranteed profit bet. Also known as an arbitrage bet. After using this software for my own benefit for months I decided to expand the software so that it would send an e-mail. Then I decided to create the Arb Betting website and am now looking for  customers to sign up to a guaranteed profit betting e-mail alert system. The software runs every hour and send an e-mail to a list of customers with all of the found guaranteed profit bets.

If you are interested then please visit Arb Betting to see what this software can offer. I am happy to accept feedback on the software so I can improve it for my customer.

Arb Betting