Arb Betting Web Site Now Open For Buisness

Great progress has been made on the Arb Betting software. As explained in my last blog post I have now successfully expanded the software to send an e-mail to a list of customers who have registered to the newly created site Arb Betting. To expand on my skills the site has been built in Visual Studio 2013 in C#. I have also utilised Git Hub for source control and have started working using Visual Studio Online to manage the team project. Most of my development work over the years has been with VB.NET and TFS for source control so it has been nice to work with some different technologies and language.

I have also started using Microsoft Azures Cloud Platform to host my arbitrage betting software and have set up web jobs to run this software every hour to alert customers via e-mail for guaranteed profit bets.

Visual Studio 2013 works very well with both visual studio online team project and Git. I have also setup automatic publishing of the Arbitrage Betting software to the azure cloud services.

Hopefully the new site Arb Betting will attract many betting enthusiasts over the coming months.

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